The School Town of Highland welcomes all volunteers who are interested in helping our students succeed in their scholastic endeavors. When an individual is interested in volunteering in our school district they must submit an application for a criminal background check to the building principal. This process helps fulfill one of our top priorities: ensuring the safety of the students we serve.

Procedures for Criminal Background Checks

  1. All volunteers who have direct access to School Town of Highland students are required to submit to a State of Indiana Limited Criminal Background check.

  2. The proper forms are located in the main office of all STOH schools.

  3. Once a volunteer completes the application it will be submitted to the building level Principal.

  4. The Principal or designee with submit and review the results of the Limited Criminal Background check.

  5. All adverse Limited Criminal Background checks will be reviewed by the Superintendent, Director of Personnel and the appropriate building principal to determine whether the volunteer will be allowed to work with our students.

  6. The Limited Criminal Background applications and results will remain in the school building for their records. Volunteers who do not have a returned form on file are not eligible to volunteer within the School Town of Highland.

  7. Due to time restrictions, background checks will not be processed on the same day you are volunteering unless arranged with the building principal.

All Limited Criminal Background checks will be renewed annually.