In 2011, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) began slowly opening the door for districts to use technology and 1:1 initiatives for teaching and learning outside the traditional classroom. In 2017-2018 that evolved into e-Learning Days. (To read more about IDOE e-Learning Days evolution, go to eLearning Day Program.)

The STOH received IDOE affirmation that it met the necessary criteria and was given approval to participate in the e-Learning Days Program, and held its first e-learning day November 6, 2018.

While there are many excellent reasons for conducting a district-wide e-learning day, the primary benefits are that students have the opportunity to learn in a blended environment that has been curated by a professional teacher and that promotes skills that are reflective of real-world learning. The experience provides students with an opportunity to enhance technical and organizational skills sought by employers and colleges. Some of the added benefits of eLearning are that it allows for the opportunity to limit makeup days in the future due to inclement weather and it also expands opportunities for schools to conduct professional development for their staff without disrupting the educational process.

eLearning Days can also be planned -- Teachers report to their schools for professional development and students are provided with a virtual e-learning day. Either format enables our students the opportunity to engage educationally outside of the traditional school day in a format increasingly present in today's education world.