If you would like to be a parent representative on the Broad-Based Planning Committee (BBPC), please contact your child's school principal or Mr. Ryan Erdelac, 924-7400 or

The School Town of Highland would like to thank each of our BBPC members for volunteering their time to help and support us in providing our high ability students with a quality education experience.

BBPC Members for 2021-22 & 2022-23 School Years

Bernadetta Konieczny, Parent (JN)

Kristin Verhoeve, Counselor (MK)

Rachel Zygmunt, Parent (MK)

Deanna Shapiro, Counselor (SR)

, Parent (SR)

Donna Scheidt, Teacher (HMS)

Gina Coddington, Parent (WN)

Chris Tomcsi, Teacher (HHS)

Jeff Burosh, Parent (HMS)

Ashli Cooper, Teacher (HHS)

, Parent (HHS)

Kelly Gossman, K-12 Guidance Coordinator

Luanne Jurczak, School Board

Chrissy Davis, Elementary Principal

Donna Polites, Teacher (JN)

Scheryl Corman, MS Assistant Principal

Kelly Geffert, Teacher (MK)

Anthony Belli, HS Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Biggs, Teacher (SR)

Mandy Johnsen, Teacher (WN)

Ryan Erdelac, BBPC Chair, HR & Curriculum