Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten Registration begins February 1, 2024, at 8 a.m. when on-line registration opens. Please read this information carefully. It describes the registration process in detail, including all the required documentation you will need. If, after reading the information, you have questions, please contact your local school's secretary or principal.

K registration process Handout

Kindergarten Health Requirements

STOH's 2 Phase Kindergarten Registration Process:

Phase 1: A link will be activated at 8:00AM, February 1, in the RDS parent access page (CLICK HERE) to enroll new students. It will allow parents to register their incoming kindergarten students. This link will not require a parent code to access the program. Once clicked, parents enter all the necessary information just like they would at an in-person registration. Most importantly, completing this step reserves your child’s place in line with regard to our transfer process. The earlier Phase 1 is completed, the more likely your child is able to attend his/her neighborhood school.

Phase 2: Each building will hold its registration from 3:00-5:30PM on the following days: 

Southridge - Monday, March 4 

Merkley - Tuesday, March 5

Warren - Wednesday, March 6

Johnston - Thursday, March 7

Parents need to complete the registration process on the date listed during the open window of time. Completion includes visiting your neighborhood elementary school with your child and the proof of residency requirements and other documentation outlined on the handout, Kindergarten Registration Process (link above).

During Phase 2, your child will be given a short (approx. 10-15 minute) Kindergarten Readiness Test by one of our staff members. This data is used to help determine summer school invitations and the appropriate classroom placement for your child.

Once BOTH of these phases are complete, your child’s place is secured in a STOH kindergarten classroom. Final classroom/building placements are made during the first week of August.

We look forward to meeting our newest STOH students. If you have any questions, please contact your neighborhood elementary principal or secretary. We also ask that you please share this information with any STOH resident that might have an incoming kindergarten student.