On May 2, 2023, residents residing within the School Town of Highland district will have the oportunity to invest in our schools, students and our community by voting on an operating referendum that will provide the Corporation with much needed funds.

The School Town of Highland Board of Education unamimously approved, on January 31, 2023, an operating referendum seeking voter approval of a $0.3204 operating revenue, rate per $100 of property value. With a $0.3204 referendum rate per $100 of property value, an average home in Highland would see a $24.28/month increase above current property taxes. 

If the referendum is supported by local residents, the estimate $4.7 million in annual revenue raised by the proposed referendum will be used to retain and recruit high quality educators, bolster safety and security at all our School Town of Highland Schools, and continue to offer essential K-12 college and career readiness and K-12 enrichment opportunities.

BakerTilly Referendum Information - presented 1/31/2023 | Cindy Adams, CFO Presentation - presented 1/31/2023

Comparison of Tax Rates (decline)

Decline in Student Erollment