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Immunization Information

Indiana Law Pertaining to Immunizations

Indiana law requires that all students meet the minimum immunization requirements in order to attend school. When a student enrolls in the School Town of Highland the parent or guardian must provide record of the students immunizations or have a current religious or medical exemption on file with the school. The parents have a 20 day grace period to met the immunization requirements. If the school does not receive immunization records or if the student has not met state immunization requirements after the 20 day grace period, the student will be excluded from school until requirements are met.

Medical or Religious Exemptions (Must be completed every academic year)

Medical Exemptions to immunizations must be signed by a physician and parent/guardian every school year. The medical exemption must contain that a particular immunization would be detrimental to the student’s health. If a parent refuses immunization for their student based on religious beliefs, a religious exemption form needs to fill out by the parent/guardian every school year. If there would be an outbreak of a disease that your child has not been vaccinated for, your child would be excluded from school for the duration of the outbreak.

Religious and Medical Exemption Information

Immunization Requirements by Grade

Beginning during the 2020-2021 academic year, Indiana changed the guidelines regarding the Hepatitis A vaccine. All students in grades K-12 must have 2 Hepatitis A immunizations spaced 6 months apart. If the immunizations are given closer than 6 months apart, a 3rd immunization dose will need to be given.

Kindergarten- 5th Grade Students:

  • 3 Hepatitis B

  • 5DTaP

  • 4 Polio

  • 2 Varicella

  • 2 MMR

  • 2 Hepatitis A

6th Grade Students: All vaccines listed above plus 2 6th grade required immunizations

  • Tdap

  • MCV4 (Meningitis) Important: Per the Indiana State Department of Health, for students that are 10 years old, the student should receive the Tdap and MCV4 prior to entering 6th grade. Indiana school immunization requirements are based on grade, not age. A dose of MCV4 will count towards the adolescent requirements if given at age 10 or older, and a dose of Tdap will count towards the adolescent requirements if given at the age of 7 or older.

12th Grade Students: All vaccines listed above plus one additional dose of the MCV4 immunization

  • MCV4 - 2nd Dose (Meningitis)

    Important: Per the Indiana State Department of Health, if a student receives the 2nd MCV4 immunization after their 16th birthday, this can be counted toward their Senior year dose.

All Grades:

  • Complete Immunization Record

  • 2 Hepatitis A Immunizations (New 2020-2021)

2021-2022 Immunization Requirements

HPV Immunization (Optional for 6th-12th Grade Students)

HPV Fact Sheet HPV Letter- Indiana Department of Health

Meningitis Immunization (Required for 6th and 12th Grade Students)

Meningitis Fact Sheet Meningitis Letter