Health Services

Meet Your School Town of Highland Health Services Department


Andrea Warner, RN

Highland High School

STOH Nurse Coordinator

(219) 922-5610 ext. 1021

Amanda Bouchee, LPN

Highland Middle School

(219) 922-5620 ext. 1203

Cheryl Progler, RN

Johnston Elementary-

(219) 923-2428 ext. 1304

headshot of Mrs. Shimkus with blond, shoulder-length hair and glasses, smiling in a black and yellow batman shirt

Lesley Shimkus, LPN

Merkley Elementary

(219) 922-5640 ext. 1404


Darby Krestel, Clinic Aide

Southridge Elementary

(219) 922-5650 ext. 1504

Sara Rivera, Clinic Aide, MA

Warren Elementary-

(219)922-5660 ext. 1604