School Board Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs


“Educating today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges”


Students will graduate with the skills necessary to solve complex, multi-disciplinary, open-ended problems by using prior knowledge, thinking critically and utilizing effective communication skills.


  1. Student achievement is a cumulative process of educational experiences.

  2. Curriculum and instruction are the foundation to a quality education.

  3. Each student has the right to an appropriate and quality education.

  4. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of a well-rounded student’s social development.

  5. School systems must provide a physically and emotionally safe environment.

  6. The world inside and around the school is changing.

  7. Community and family involvement enhances student learning.

  8. Quality staff recruitment, retention and development are essential to enhanced student learning.

  9. Educational standards should not be compromised by fiscal constraints.

  10. Data-driven decision making is essential to maintain a quality school corporation.

  11. Broad-based communication is essential to a productive and positive school climate.

  12. Proper maintenance of facilities is conducive to a quality learning and working environment.

  13. Funds must be allocated in a fiscally responsible manner, consistent with educational goals.

  14. An environment of high expectations leads to high levels of achievement.