Illness Policy's/Resources

If your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness such as strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye, impetigo, ringworm, or head lice, please inform the school nurse immediately.


A temperature of 100 degrees or higher.

A student must be fever free without the use of fever reducing medications for 24 hours before returning to school.

Pink eye or any inflammatory eye condition.

A student can return to school when eyes are clear and at least 24 hours with antibiotic drops.

Vomiting or Diarrhea.

Skin rashes:

Impetigo: Until all crusts are dry and scabbed.

Scabies: Until skin is clear.

Ringworm: Until area is diagnosed as non infectious by a physician and lesions are covered by bandaid or clothing.

Discharge from Ears.

Coughing associated with fever or continuous coughing.

Severe sore throat.

Students with Strep infection may return to school after they have been on antibiotic treatment and fever free for 24 hours.


In accordance with the Academy of Pediatrics and the National Associate of School Nurses recommendation, the School Town of Highland no longer institutes a "no nit" policy. Students diagnosed with live lice do not need to be sent home from school. Parents will be notified and students may return to school the next day after appropriate lice treatment. The students will be inspected for live lice before returning to class by the school nurse/health aide. Students may return to school with "nits". The student will be inspected periodically if symptoms develop.

For further information on prevention and treatment go to...https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/schools.html