innovation Space

The Library's Innovation Space provides students and staff with two types of collaboration space.

Creation & Maker Space 

The Creation & Maker Space is workspace that is available for students to work either individually, or collaboratively as a group.

» Students can create and make the final product for their project or presentation.

» In keeping with the mission of the Library Media Center, students are able to create and edit digital audio, digital images, and digital video projects. A green screen is also available to assist with creating videos.

» Craft supplies traditionally provided by the HHS library are also available. Supplies include color paper, glue sticks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stencils, and basic office supplies such as a stapler, scissors, paper clips, and tape. The library does not provide school supplies, poster boards, or other items that students are traditionally expected to supply from home.

Select AV-Media Resources from the drop-down menu for help with locating Apps and other tools for working with digital media, as well as sources for digital audio, photos, and video that are copyright free or licensed under a copyright commons license.

Planning & Presentation Space 

The Planning & Presentation Space is available for group projects, presentations, or quiet study.

» Groups can plan and organize projects in a dedicated space designed to facilitate group work.

» Individuals or groups can either give practice presentations, or make a presentation to a small group in a professional conference room setting. The library and the LGI are available for larger presentations.

» When groups aren't using the space it will be available for reading and quiet study.