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The Handbook of Resources for Teachers of High Ability Students contains information about K-8 ELA units developed by indiana teachers and aligned to the 2014 Indiana Academic Standards, how math should be differentiated, a lesson plan rubric, how the curriculum can include attention to the affective needs of high ability students, a differentiated classroom observation scale, and a glossary of terms related to high ability education. It's an excellent resource to guide districts in providing their high ability students (and all students) with a quality education experience.

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The Parent Guide to High Ability Education and Advocacy provides excellent insight for parents about their high ability students and how to best meet their academic and social emotional needs.

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Guiding Students with High Abilities: Social and Emotional Considerations was written for the Indiana Department of Education and provides an overview on the following:

    * Characteristics and behavioral manifestations of high ability
   * Affective needs of high ability children
   * Resources for parents, teachers and counselors
   * College and career guidance for high ability students

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Indiana Association for the Gifted's Advocacy Handbook was "created for everyone who believes that more must be done educationally and systemically to ensure that our most capable children advance in their intellectual, academic, and social development" (IAG Advocacy Handbook, 2nd Edition, p. 4).  The IAG states that the purpose of this Handbook is to (1) broaden the base of active participation in Indiana's advocacy movement to ensure that all high ability learners have equal opportunity to be educated to their fullest potential, (2) provide information on how an individual can become an effective advocate for meeting the neds of gifted and talented children, and  (3) describe the structure of the educational system in Indiana as it relates to education for high ability students in order to inform advocacy efforts.
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20 Tips for Nurturing Gifted Children by Bertie Klingore (​added January 2015)