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Access a wide range of information regarding high ability programs and students on the Indiana Department of Education's High Ability Website.

The CogAT Test Explanation for Parents

Kindergarten, 2nd and 5th grade parents can check out The CogAT Test Explanation for Parents to get a better understanding of what those test results mean.

And don't forget to go to www.cogat.com and enter your child's ability profile to learn more about his/her areas of strength and where he/she might need a little more help.

Have questions about the test results? Please feel free to contact Dr. Sherri L. Mitchell  at smitchel@highland.k12.in.us or 219-924-7400.

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NUMATS (Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search)

STOH's NUMATS Registration ID Numbers by School:
Johnston - 8100621    Merkley - 8100622    Southridge - 8100625  
Warren - 8100616       HMS - 8100620
The School Town of Highland's most current High Ability Parent/Student Handbook is available on line High Ability Handbook, Revised April 2019.
See the 2013-14 handbook covers designed by our students & staff: 
     Elementary School Handbook Cover by 6th grader Erin Perry. (click here).
     Middle School Handbook Cover by 8th grader Lily Jen Wall. (click here).
     High School Handbook Cover by Marc Ryser, Art Teacher. (click here).
See the 2012 handbook covers designed by our students:

In addition to the NWEA Maps assessment, we use the CogAT (an aptitude test) in Grades K, 2 and 5 to identify our high ability students.  
Each school district is required by the state to form a Broad-Based Planning Committee (BBPC) that includes parent representatives.  The role/responsibilities of the BBPC is explained in the High Ability Handbook.  If you are interested in membership on the BBPC, please contact your building principal or Dr. Mitchell.  The administrator coordinators for our high ability program at each building level are:
Mrs. Chrissy Davis, Elementary Schools
Ms. Scheryl Corman, Middle School
Mr. Anthony Belli, High School