School Board

Working together, the school and community can continue a tradition of excellence and strive to ensure educational opportunities and an enriched life for our children.
Board meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month in the Board room of the Administration Center.  The Board encourages and appreciates the attendance at Board meetings by parents, students, staff members, and other interested citizens.
Carol Green-Fraley
  Mrs. Carol Green Fraley,  President, Board of School Trustees
 Partick Krull    Mr. Patrick Krull,  Vice President, Board of School Trustees
 Luanne Jurzak    Mrs. Luann Jurczak,  Secretary, Board of School Trustees
 Robert Kuva    Mr. Robert Kuva, Member, Board of School Trustees

Mrs. Crowel

Mrs. Vicki Crowel, Member, Board of School Trustees